Quinta do Vesuvio announces the release of 2015 Vintage Port

Matthieu Delaunay | April 26 2017 | 0 Comments
A few days ago, Jorge Nunes, Asia Pacific Market Manager for The Symington Family Estates shared with us information about the release of Quinta do Vesuvio 2015 Vintage Port.

The Vintage
2015 is not a classic declared Vintage in the sense that it is not declared by the majority of the producers and shippers. The last full declaration was in 2013 when the majority of the trade declared the 2011 Vintage.
This year is quite unusual because 2015 & 2016 Vintage ports are showing great quality, color and potential. And it seems that the decision to fully declare 2015 was pending for a while.
In 2015 weather conditions have been particularly good in the Douro superior where Vesuvio is located. So the decision was easy to make. In fact the Symington have also declared  Dow’s Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira which is located on the other side of the Douro river.

The Official press report
"The 2015 growing season was simultaneously the hottest and driest for 36 years, but the Douro Superior where Vesuvio is situated, unusually benefited from more rain than the Alto Douro. Thus, Vesuvio was well placed to withstand the summer heat. By early September phenolic ripeness was not keeping pace with sugar readings, and picking started with the less mature vines. 
Abundant rain fell on the 15th September, which was the turning point of the harvest and of immense benefit to the vines at Vesuvio. The finest Touriga Nacional was picked in perfect condition from the 21st, followed by Touriga Franca and other later-ripening varieties. The fine weather continued into October, allowing the harvest to be completed under clear autumnal skies.
The Quinta do Vesuvio 2015 Vintage Port is of quite exceptional complexity, concentration and elegance and echoes the great Vintage Ports of the 19th century.

950 cases (2x6x75cl)
288 Magnums (1.5 Lt)
9 Double Magnums (3 Lt)

The quinta of all quintas 
Quinta do Vesuvio is an iconic property located in the Douro superior with historical records as far back as 1565. Since 1989 it is part of the Symington Family Estates.
Within its boundaries, Vesuvio holds seven hills and thirty-one valleys. On the summit of each hill stands a ruined old lookout post, which once guarded the property. The tallest lookout is called the Raio de Luz, The Ray of Light. From here you can survey the full 360º aspect of Vesúvio’s vineyards.
Vesuvio has a total area of 326 hectares, of which 133 hectares (329 acres) are planted with vines. The rest, almost two-thirds, has been conserved in its natural, wild state. Many other things grow at Vesúvio besides vines: oranges, lemons, figs, almonds, walnuts, grapefruits, pomegranates and many more exotic fruits and herbs.

Additional information about allocation and price in a few weeks

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